Greetings from our Minister
The communities in which we live are changing around us. Their very fabric grows more complex in racial and ethnic and cultural diversity. At times, political and economic forces seem to draw us further apart. Are there religious traditions that see diversity as our strength? Are there spiritual resources to which we can turn to find the mutual acceptance necessary to create genuine community, and that allow us to work for positive change in ourselves and in our world?

The Universalist Unitarian Church in Brockton is inspired by a long history of religious freedom, social responsibility, and spiritual exploration. Ours is a congregation in which we live and act on our principles of faith. Ours is a tradition – inspired by such historical figures as Emerson and Thoreau, Susan B. Anthony and Clara Barton – that does not tell you what to think, but encourages you to follow a spiritual path meaningful for you that you freely share with others. We are a place of peaceful reflection, but we also accept the challenge to address the pressing ethical and environmental issues of our time. In so doing, we aim to help the larger community meet its challenges of social and economic justice, ecological sustainability, and the need for quality education and arts.

Our religious community comes from many places. Our congregation reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of our area. We embrace individuals and families from all religious backgrounds who seek a spiritual home in which they can freely explore a faith meaningful for them and their children.

Come see what we are about. You will be warmly welcomed.

Rev. Dr. Robert R. N. Ross
and Buddy​