The Love Group Mission Statement

To seek out and share with each other beauty, meaning, and love, in literature, in music, and in stories about our life, with the purpose of ministering to each other and becoming more loving, spiritually oriented human beings. To use our new found spiritually mature selves for the common good in concrete ways, in our personal lives, in our church community and in the surrounding community,
Focus On Love!

Come join our Love Study Group, the second Friday night of every month at the ​​Universalist Unitarian Church, 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome: theists, agnostics, and atheists; regardless of your spiritual beliefs. Contact Michelle at 508-208-4298 to join, or to lead a discussion on any other given day.​​

- opening prayer
- a go-around sharing stories of love and beauty
- a go-around of where it gets hard for us to remain loving at all times
- making plans to do some positive activity in our lives
- closing prayer​​​​​
Love is the answer.